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Home » Natural Impact » Erection Pump :Penis traction device safe for penis streching and penis exercise our penise traction provide guranteed results . how to get a bigger penis? » Penis enlargement: Traction device constant penis stretching for permanent results

Penis enlargement: Traction device constant penis stretching for permanent results

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Penis enlargement: Traction device constant penis stretching for permanent results
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PENIS ENLARGEMENT USING TRACTION DEVICES Penis enlargement: Traction device constant penis stretching for permanent results PENILE ENLARGEMENT And correction of penile curvatures

With the penile extender, the Andro-Penis®

Permanent results of 3 to 5 cm. (1 to 2 inches).

The treatment's objective is growth of new tissue on the penis shaft which can be translated into:

1. A permanent lengthening of up to 3 to 4 cm in erection state.

2. Also from 3 to 4 cm in flaccid state,

3. And an increase of up to 1 cm in thickness. *one inch equals 2.5cm

The Andro-Penis must be used with the penis in the flaccid state. The device can be used between 4 to 10 hours a day, taking rests when needed. You will obtain a median growth of 0.5cm per month. This results are accumulative and once you have finalized the treatment, the results are PERMANENT. There will be a 70% correction of penile curvatures or deviations and the device must be used for 6 - 8 months.

The Andro-Penis is accompanied by a user friendly set of instructions, that include drawings and diagrams, a CD-Rom in which a model shows you how to use and wear the Andro-Penis and a set of accessories to use during the course of the treatment.


1.- A MEDICAL WARRANTY, since it is approved by the Health Department of the European Nations, and the German Ministry of Health. It holds the CE Certification that classifies it as a medical device Type 1 which assures the absence of short or long term secondary side effects.

2.- A SCIENTIFIC WARRANTY, since very prestigious Urologists from around the world have performed scientific studies that corroborate the Andro-Penis's effectiveness of 97.5%.

Andromedical offers treatment monitoring(follow up)for all Andro-Penis users, either for the ones looking for lengthening or for the ones with curvature corrections. Follow up monitoring is offered by Dr Eduardo Gomez de Diego, Andrologist and by D. Fernando Molina Campuzano, Clinical Psycologist.

We have a long list of prestigeous Andrologists in your area who collaborate with us to monitor those pacients who request them.These doctors charge for their services on top of the Andro-Penis purchase price since they are not contracted by Andromedical, they only use the Andro-Penis in their practices.

EUROPE The Andro-Penis ® is the only medical device that is approved by the European Union Department of Health and the German Ministry of Health. It is manufactured with the standards of the European Union, using the highest medical quality materials made to be in constant contact with the human skin and mucosal tissues.

The Andro-Penis ® is classified as a Medical Device type 1, and holds the CE seal (Tests of approval realized with the specifications of the Declaration of Helsinki, adopted in 1964 in the 18th World Health Organization meeting held in Helsinki, Finland, and revised in 1989 in the 41st congress held in Hong-Kong).

MEXICO The Andro-Penis ®, is at present, the only medical device of its kind to be approved by the Federal Health Authorities of Mexico and by the Ministry of Health of each State of the Republic. In the State of Jalisco the permit number is: S.S.08Q03N. Our product is manufactured to comply with the highest medical standards and highest product quality that will enable our device to be in direct touch with the skin and mucous membranes for a prolonged period of time.

The Andro-Penis ® is classified as a Medical Device and obtains the Federal Certificate of Import SSA-04-003. ANDROMEDICAL MEXICO S.A. DE C.V. it is registered in the S.H.C.P. (Secretarìa de Hacienda y Crèdito Pùblico) with the R.F.C.(Registro Federal de Contribuyentes): AME010326 LC3.

MERCOSUR The Andro-Penis ® is classified as a Medical Device. Our product is manufactured to comply with the highest medical standards and product quality that will enable our device to be in direct contact with the skin and mucous membranes of humans for prolonged periods of time. Our product complies with the Health specification of the countries of Mercosur (Argentina, Brasil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile)and is in the process of obtaining the Certification from the Departments of Health of such countries.

Our vast experience in the field reinforces the fact that a traction force of 1.000 to 1.500 grams are adequate to lengthen the penis and to correct the curvatures, deviation, and Peyronie's disease of the penis.

It has been proved that a 70% of the curvature will be corrected, but a longer period of time will be requiered than that a patient using the device for penile enlargement. The increase in length is less since the greatest amount of growth occurs in the inner curvature. In Peyronies disease, it is advised that in addition to the Andro-Penis®, either the lotion or the oral medication should be used as instructed by your physician.

Based on this facts, we can assure you that the Penile Extender is indicated in your case. The Scientific studies certify the efficacy of the Andro-Penis® in patients with penile curvatures and Peyronies Disease, like the study performed by Dr. Colpi (Milan-Italy) Published in the International Journal of Impotence Research (vol.13, sup.4, oct- 2001) and presented in the 4º Symposium of the European Society for Sexual and Impotence Research (Rome, oct-01)

Title: Can an external Penile Extensor reduce the penile curvature of the patient with Peyronies Disease?

Results: - The largest growth of the tunic was 1.8±0.6 mm before and 1.6±0.3 mm after the use of the Andro-Penis® (n.s.). - The maximum growth of the septum was iso-lateral was of 2.2±0.7 mm before and of 1.8±0.8 mm after the use of the Andro-Penis® (n.s.). - The penile length, measured dorsaly from the penopubic angle to the meatus was of 100. ±27.3 mm before and of 104.6±22.2 mm after the use of the Andro-Penis® (n.s.). - The photographs showed that the penile erectile curvatures (PEC) diminished from a 34.1±4.9° before to 20.0±12.2° after the use of the Andro-Penis® (p<0.05).

Conclusions: This results suggests promising results of the Andro-Penis® in selected patients with Peyronies Disease affected by penile erectile curvatures without erectile disfunction.

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