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Home » Prostate Cradle , Prostate Massage via the Prostate Cradle

**HOT NEW ITEM**Prostate Cradle Provides a Prostate Massage

Prostate Cradle , Prostate Massage via the Prostate Cradle
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Ancient texts refer to the prostate as a source of Kundalini or core energy, and the essence of male spirit. More recently it has been referred to as the "male G-spot." However it's described, the prostate is a central area for many nerves, muscles and glands.

The prostate creates super concentrated, vital-life fluid requiring days to produce: the older you are the longer it takes. Older men can benefit the most from "prostate milking" or massaging the prostrate gland until a drop of prostate fluid leaks from the tip of the urethra. The massage causes the prostate to slightly expand. This rinses the gland and passage ways of harmful particles that may build up over time causing infection and uncontrolled growth or tumors.

It is good to become familiar with the prostate gland because most men are expected to have some type of prostate issue sometime in their lives. Since the prostate gland is one of the greatest sources of inspiration, a little prevention can also feel really good!

A ten to twenty minute massage at least once a month is medically important to help reduce enlargement for a more healthy functioning gland.

Traditional prostate massage is invasive. The Prostate Cradle offers much more than an alternative to invasive massage because it is so easy to use! You can now conduct a full-prostate massage while sitting on the "Cradle" in a normal chair, wearing light clothing, while watching television or working at a computer. The Cradle is discrete: no one can tell when you are using it because you are sitting on it!

During the first phase the massage may feel slightly uncomfortable because the prostate gland is very sensitive, but no more uncomfortable than an invasive massage. The prostate area is traditionally considered taboo, so travel slowly. As the pelvic muscles gradually begin to relax during the second phase, the prostate responds to the massage by becoming slightly larger and more sensitive. A tingling sensation may come and go. This feeling can become incredibly good and spread all over the body!

As a bonus, the Prostate Cradle can also be used to arouse, heighten and prolong sexual adventures, indefinitely! This helps "even the sensual playing field" between partners.

Erectile dysfunction and other groin area issues including hemorrhoids are greatly aided by the simple act of stimulating certain acupressure points while avoiding others. For healthy prostates, The "'Cradle" works like a trainer to build muscles and reflexes while discovering the entire perineum or male G-spot area.

The included guide booklet describes how to have more of the "right kind" of sex. Longer and stronger prostate orgasms including valley orgasms "between the peaks" and constant orgasms! With careful practice and gradually building muscles over time (beyond what would be considered a normal massage) intoxicating experiences can be achieved. Benefits include creating positive energy, burning calories, reducing tension, and eliminating negative emotions like guilt and anger.

Prostate massage can create timeless primal altered states, while releasing euphoria inducing chemicals such as adrenaline and endorphins. A healthy prostate massaged in just the right way (with practice) can become super stimulated! It may feel like it is glowing like the sun, and the feeling may last hours even after the massage!

For the patient traveler the Prostate Cradle offers new discoveries and freedom from ordinary experiences!

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